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Consulting on Organization Design, Strategy and Change

Strategy and Planning sessions for executive teams and boards of directors of: an investment analysis firm, a pharmaceutical, a national science research foundation, a regulatory crown corporation, a national arts-funding organization, a national performing arts organization, a national museum, a division of Parliament, federal departments, and a national broadcaster.

Organization design for:


  • a multi-divisional energy corporation reshaping itself into an integrated business.


  • a software start-up to define how they operate, their strategic direction, goals, and objectives.


  • a News Division of a broadcaster for more collaborative news-gathering and production.


  • a broadcaster rebuilding the interface between its Technology and Operations Divisions to eliminate conflict, improve workflow, and increase efficiency.


  • the executive team of a siloed crown corporation to achieve strategic interfaces among business units.


  • the Operations Division of a national museum in order to improve  performance.



Change processes for: a major corporation engaged in over 100 interconnected change initiatives, an arts-funding organization, a pharmaceutical merging with another.



Culture change for a rapidly growing municipality, an IT division of a large telecommunications firm.



Succession processes for several large national clients.



Strategic Human Resources for HR departments in a variety of organizations, and a leading Canadian university's EMBA program.


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